Lisa Dudzik Perth Highlights the Attractive Destinations of Ontario

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Ontario is a Canadian province that borders the United States, as well the Great Lakes.  It essentially hoses the city of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Lisa Dudzik is an experienced expat who has travelled to the diverse destinations of the world, Including Canada. While she is a citizen of Australia, she tends to write travel blogs about diverse destinations of the world she has been to.  Lisa Dudzik Perth in her blog mentions that the house of the famous Niagara Falls, Ontario, essentially features a host of sites that makes it a delight of travel enthusiasts of the world.  This Canadian destination is essentially famed for the Victorian architecture of the Parliament Hill, as well as the National Gallery that features a spectacular display of indigenous art

Lisa Dudzik Perth mentions the best places to visit in Ontario

Featuring a plethora of intriguing cities and towns, the Canadian province of Ontario offers people an extensive range of travel possibilities. According to the blog of Lisa Dudzik Perth, this region is laden with a wealth of spectacular natural areas and prominent cultural institutions.  AT this province people can find some of the most important galleries and museums of the country, as well as opportunities for wholesome fun family entertainment. Along with the world famous Niagara Falls, people can also find other natural gems like the Lake of the Woods, Quetico Provincial Park and Lake Superior. The blog of Lisa Dudzik Perth mentions many of the attractive destinations to visit and explore in Ontario. Here are a few of them:

  • Niagara Falls: This essentially is the most internationally recognized attraction of Canada and is visited by millions of travellers each and every year. The Niagara Falls basically comprises of a set of three falls. Its largest section is known as the Horseshoe Falls that drops about 57 meters, subsequently creating a great wall of water that tends to stretch between the Niagara Falls of Canada and that of USA.  These falls tend to be famous majorly for the large volume of water that flows over them as when combined they create a huge drop that offers a truly magnificent sight.
  • Toronto’s CN Tower: Standing tall along the skyline of Toronto, the CN tower essentially is one of the most iconic structures of Canada. This building stands tall at the height of 553-meters, and can essentially be seen with ease from about any part of the city, at any point of time.  Travellers should definitely take a trip up this tower in order to fully experience it.  There is an observation deck present at about three quarters of the way to the top of the CN tower of the Toronto.  The view offered from the top of this tower is absolutely stunning. People can essentially enjoy a mesmerizing view of the lake Ontario from this spot, as well as at times the mist rising off Niagara Falls as well.

People can take a look at the blog of Lisa Dudzik Perth to get a better insight on the best places to visit and explore in Ontario.