Tips to Manage a Vacation on a tight Budget

Don’t we all love traveling? The world has so much wonder in store for us. Working a 9 to 5 job hardly counts as living. Go out. Travel. Be adventurous. Use your passport to try different cuisines, witness iconic monuments, explore diverse landscapes and experience a variety of cultures. Are you thinking about your financial situation? If yes, worry not. You have come to the correct article. This is where we address the woes of a person with less money to spare for traveling adventures. Listed below are some tried and tested tips to manage a vacation on a tight budget.

  1. Airline Miles

Airline miles, associated with an airline’s frequent flyer program are a huge blessing for any traveler, amateurs and experts both. No longer restricted for frequent flyers only, airline miles are your key to saving a significant amount of money on travel related expenses. You can join a frequent flyer program to earn miles or directly buy airline miles online to redeem them against a desired expense. Generally, airline miles are redeemable against airline tickets, hotels and rental cars. You may even redeem them against online shopping or a restaurant bill. Every major airline has a loyalty program, so conditions and policies do vary. Redemption of miles result is excellent discounts. So yes, making an effort to earn them does pay off. You may even sell airline miles when you have no use for them or when it is more beneficial to do so. This gives cash flows an instant boost.

  1. Accommodation Compromise

Sure, some travelers love to stay in fancy hotels with buffet breakfasts and luxurious facilities like saunas and pools. But is staying in such a place absolutely essential to travel? No! The real purpose of travel is to explore different parts of the world and enjoy. This is perfectly manageable even if you don’t opt to stay in a fancy hotel. For budget travelers, airbnb and hostels are the best choice. Do your research well and read all reviews before you book one. There are some great airbnb and hostel options in many countries but then again there have been some poor experiences as well. So make sure you are careful in your choice. Airbnb are cheap and hostels even more so.

  1. Hitchhiking

Transport costs in aggregate do end up being significant. So make an effort to save money wherever you can. Hitchhiking has become very common in Europe. But of course, you must be cautious and always put safety first. Only go for this option in safe, busy cities.

  1. Go for Street Food

Street food is often the best way to experience a city’s local cuisine. And the best part? It is super cheap and an excellent option as opposed to fancy touristy eateries.

  1. Work an extra job

If your current resources are all spent on your day to day expenses, you need to step up and get an extra job. Keep the extra money aside, solely for a trip. A few months of hard work are totally worth it, if it means you get to enjoy a vacation somewhere.

  1. Explore offbeat locations

A vacation is a vacation, whether it is in the heart of Italy or somewhere remote in Asia. If you have a tight budget, explore the lesser explored areas. They are cheaper and many places can be as amazing as the most touristic destinations out there.

  1. Travel in a group

Find travel partners that share your love for exploring the world. Traveling with a group works out great as you get to divide many major expenses like accommodation. Plus traveling with a group is quite fun.


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