How to Experience the Holiday of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank

A holiday is the one time in the year where you are free to roam without purpose or itinerary. You are free to spend what vacation you have at home taking care of chores, or an even better choice, you can actually take a real holiday away from home. If choosing travel, Australia has numerous sites and diversions to make the trip worth the while.

The great thing about going on holiday is that the world truly is your oyster, even if it is only for a fortnight or so. You can actually move your holiday into the realm of paradise in a few ways. If you are travelling on a budget or planning an excessively luxurious vacation, changing small things can mean the difference in the type of experience you have.

Continue reading below to learn how you can have the holiday of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Don’t Stress About the Budget

Planning for a holiday is easy when you have a lot of money. However, on less forgiving budgets, you can have the same experience but it might require more creativity. Typically, you would finance your vacation by using a credit card or cards, but if you must use credit, consider alternatives to high interest credit cards.

Latitude Finance are travel loan providers that can help you fund your next-to-perfect holiday, and there is much more flexibility as opposed to your standard credit card, which charges you a cash advance fee for withdrawals. As opposed to trying to fund your trip on multiple cards, all with their own interest rates, you can take out one loan and be given a fixed interest rate that can be paid over time. For the most part, travel loans are a much more sensible solution and allow you a stress-free beginning to your trip.


If you want to have a variety of experiences, but you do not want to spend excessively, make concessions on the factors that are not important. For example, you want to holiday in America at some of their many theme parks. However, after airfare, hotel accommodations and tickets for the theme park, you can really put a dent in your savings.


Instead of the hefty hospitality bill, trade the hotel accommodations and rent an RV. This might be a little more expensive, but you get the pleasure of visiting some of the most fun theme parks in the world while getting to know a little bit of the country.


Don’t be afraid to explore and be adventurous! For example, if travelling in Europe, take the Eurorail and travel through some of the most scenic places in Europe. Again, money is no option when there are a billion bed and breakfasts, inns, and hostels that can make visiting some Europe’s most fascinating towns and cities an inexpensive experience worth talking about with your friends back home.

Get Lost

If travelling by car, throw out that map and ignore your GPS, and drive without care or direction. If you see a spot that is interesting to you, visit the city and soak up the culture of the inhabitants that live in the area. You have all the time to figure out your location, but for the moment, experience the wonder that comes with seeing new people, eating spicy food, and visiting a foreign place.

Trade Your Budget For A Travel Loan

Sometimes, you just need to enjoy yourself without worrying about expenses. A travel loan will allow you to design the vacation of your dreams without sacrificing quality for an inexpensive vacation. Your holiday happens once a year, and the cost of a vacation is much lower than the reward of having the experience.

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