How To Save Money During Long Term Travel

When you plan for a long trip and when you are going to be living out of your backpack, the most important thing for you is money. Money can help you a lot in new places, having money will ease your mind and you will be able to explore new places with a lot of energy. Given below are a few tips to save money:

  • The best way to save money is by planning your finances and creating a budget. Sit down and put pen to paper, do research on the Internet and write down the ticket prices, the cost of staying at a place, the cost of food, everything that you can think of. Add a reasonable amount for emergency expenses etc. Once you make a budget stay within the budget at all times. Your aim should be to have an everyday budget and try to save money from the budget allocated. This way you will be able to travel better.
  • When you go to new places you have a tendency to go to the best places, the best restaurants, the best bars etc. If you can you should stop doing that, you can save money. Another point to note is that you may make friends and you may feel like spending for their food and drinks to, please avoid that. Make friends but always divide your bills and you will be fine.
  • When you plan your trip you should plan on keeping your belongings safe so that you can retrieve them when you return. Selling your belongings and buying them when back can be a costly affair, so rent storage units Lake Oswego and keep your belongings there. It is a very cost effective solution and you will thank me for it.
  • You can save money by staying at hostels like YMCA or YWCA or any others. If the hostels allow you to cook you will save even more. If you are an outdoors person you can stay in tents and cook there, a good alternative for people who do not mind living in hills and forests.
  • If you can avoid going to costly restaurants you can save money. Ideally you should go to restaurants which are frequented by the locals. Locals generally know where they can get good food for a reasonable price, so go to these restaurants and save money.
  • In many countries bargaining is allowed such as in Tanzania, if you are in such countries you can always haggle when you are buying something and you will be able to save money.
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