Luxury Trend in travel Industry France and China

The new test for Luxury Brands is to target international, Chinese travelers. With growing levels of riches and more than 300 million white collar class customers traveling abroad more much of the time than any time in recent memory, another trend in China has risen; buying luxury items abroad. Actually, a staggering 80% of Chinese visitors traveling to Europe have acquired luxury branded items in the nation where they are created, quite; Italy, France and the UK.

As shopping and traveling melds in new and interesting ways it is essential for top of the line brands to draw in this new rich buyer. It is about re-orientating your marketing methodology to offer in China as well as draw in the traveler to shop in stores outside of China, especially leader, national stores. How about we examine this developing trend further.


For the Chinese New Year, 6.15 million Chinese individuals made abroad excursions, up 7% from a year ago, according to official measurements. China’ international travelers are youthful (over a third are ages 25-34) while 69% say they favor destinations where they can buy luxury merchandise, according to an investigation from Aviator, the travel marketing arm of Kinetic.

This new influx of traveler organizes shopping as a major aspect of their itinerary and feeling of character. Rich Millenials have turned into the key market division for luxury brands to focus as they are spending abroad more than ever.

The report likewise features that 74 million “travel-prepared twenty to thirty year olds” will move on from Chinese colleges throughout the following 10 years with continued exponential development anticipated.


The genuine inquiry is for what reason are such a large number of Chinese buying extravagances abroad when there is such a solid branded nearness from the huge names in China? for instance, Shanghai has 10 luxury shopping centers.

There are various components to consider. Right off the bat there is the issue of fakery in China, the market is eminent for fake items. Discerning customers need to guarantee they are buying the genuine article with well off purchasers notwithstanding flying out to stores abroad particularly to buy a thing.

Besides, buying abroad in a nation related with extravagances, for example, Italy, France or the UK reflects status and gives the Chinese a positive ‘face’. This is the Chinese idea (productive all through present day society) of fixating on appearance, status and notoriety. Luxury brands have turned into the most intense approach to exhibit this to a Chinese shopper’s associates.

The other point is that it is a more outlandish, exciting approach to shop. Discerning customers can drench up the way of life of the brand in its nation of origin and come to understand and encounter another feeling of luxury in an alternate setting. As China opens up to international influence so does the purchaser demand for new encounters far and wide, this has dependably been what luxury offers and is currently developing above and beyond.


The simplicity of international installment has encouraged this trend. Alipay, the biggest outsider installment application in China is growing abroad, luxury brands offering Alipay administrations will be at a solid favorable position with regards to developing client faithfulness. The application enables clients to exchange reserves and is linked straightforwardly with a clients financial balance for instant installment.

China’s UnionPay has generally had an imposing business model on bank installment cards in China. Chinese controllers have now cleared outside card organizations to apply for licenses to process residential installments, the procedure is moderate yet moving toward international installments from Chinese bank cards.


Visa has been marketing itself as the most ideal approach to make installment abroad with a vast advertising effort propelled for the Lunar New Year time frame. The advertisement amusingly takes advantage of the generational gap we are currently witnessing. A very much traveled young lady is hovered over by her folks who are pleased with all the transported in items she brings home from her outings. It features the distinction in way of life for the more youthful age post monetary blast. The little girl expresses that; ‘My reality is greater and greater, however their reality hasn’t changed,” before bringing her folks to Australia on a family occasion.


The ascent of ‘Dai Gou’s’ or individual purchasers is an interesting marvel. These are frequently rich individuals who travel abroad to purchase items and then pitch them to their group of friends back in China. We have seen a rising number of ‘Dai Gou’ purchasing luxury abroad in mass to re-offer.




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