Top 3 Resorts in South Africa

Every year, people travel across the world to go on vacation, sports or business meetings. These trends vary with time depending on the seasons of the year. For example, say, during summer in the northern hemisphere, travel patterns will shift to the north and the vice versa. During these vacations, tourists need places to spend the days and nights. Morula Resorts in South Africa have been developed to facilitate events which include holidays, tourism and sports. Today we are going to shift our focus to the southern hemisphere and specifically the South African state to explore the top three resorts you may want to spend time someday. Our review may not be exhaustive, but it will cover most parts of what the resorts in Souht Africa offer including their actual locations. Shall we get started?

The Monkey Valley Resort

The Monkey Valley Resort ranks top amongst the three resorts we will explore in this article. Several factors make this resort become the best, and the major one is its proximity to the legislative Capital, Cape Town. Location is critical when talking about accessibility to a place and being close to Cape Town means that you have good access to most of the services which may include air transport if you are always on the go and hate to get trapped in a jam. This statement can become simplified by saying that the ride only takes about 25 minutes. The resort provides a healthy environment through the imposition of no-smoking rules. There is a pool for you to cool your body on a sunny day. Parking spaces are abundant in this resort, and you can find one close to your accommodation. Free Wi-Fi is what everyone wants to hear.

Protean Hotel Rustenburg Hunter Rest

Ranking second, the Protean Hotel Rustenburg Hunter Rest provides a 3-star accommodation which is lower compared to the former. However, this does not mean that this resort is weak or something like that. Please do not get it wrong. These are changes that you may not even notice that gives the indices for rating the resorts that seem to be luxuries.  More like the former, the resort is smoking-free zone, and air conditioning is provided to extend the cooling effect to your private room. If you would want to stay outside during a sunny day to absorb some energy, then there is a pool to cool the heat. Through the free Wi-Fi, you can connect with the rest of the world or even your family through your gadgets. Wake your appetite early in the morning with the breakfast buffet served in this resort.

Misty Mountain Reserve

The Misty Mountain Reserve ranks the best in accommodation compared to the two mentioned above with 4-star rating. It indicates that this resort is the best place to seek shelter if you do not mind other factors. For every Rand, you pay you to get to enjoy everything provided in the resort that includes a customized air conditioning unit which extends to your room. You will not miss a space to park your car even if it is for extended periods of time. A pool outside provides cooling during a sunny day. The strict rules seem to be the way of life in South Africa because, like the other two, there is no smoking in the restaurant in this resort.

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